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Docker - Basics just for me

As a base for my pentesting activities I created a preconfigured docker-droplet with digitalocean.

I installed the Kali-Linux docker image:

then installed metasploit:


And now let's get to the nitty gritty:

List the docker-containers:
docker ps -a

start a docker container:
docker start CONTAINER

to use the docker container:
docker attach CONTAINER

to exit the docker container:

to stop the docker container:
docker stop CONTAINER

In the Kali-Container:
start Postgres:
service postgresql start

start metasploit:

at the end, stop postgres:
service stop postgresql

and exit the container:

Tips and Tricks:
rename a container:
docker rename CONTAINER-ID NewName

I will keep this post up-to-date as I find out new stuff!

You have to start somewhere...

I suspect nobody will ever read this Blog, so I will keep the introduction short.
My aim with this blog is to create a kind of knowledge-base for myself that is not existing in a walled garden.
Maybe somebody might even find this stuff helpful...