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QuickTipp: € and SAP password sometimes don't mix

SAP Just a quick update after a long time of silence on this blog:
The usage of the Euro symbol "€" in passwords might lead to problems in SAP.

A User of the type system had a complex password with the "€" symbol as one of the special characters.
It was impossible to login via RFC with this user and password.
For testing-purposes, a simple password was set and it did work.

To find out where the problem might be, I left out two special characters and this time it worked.
To get to the botttom of the problem, only left out "€" and testes again - it worked.

Long story short:
If you habe trouble with a complex password in SAP, check if the "€" is part of the password.
This might be your problem.

(tested on Basis release 7.50)
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